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With over 20 years of home maintenance and repair service experience, Reliable Home® has consolidated the knowledge we’ve gained in an attempt to help homeowners relieve the burdens of home maintenance and repairs. 

Quarterly Preventative Home Maintenance

The membership is completely free of contracts or commitments and is our way of providing you the most personal and positive experience. By keeping true to our mission; To ensure all homeowners have access to knowledgeable, trustworthy, and personable home services. We provide our members with a full suite of home services and work diligently to make every member feel as though they are far more than ‘just another customer’. Graceful agers (over 65) save up to 20% on all memberships automatically. Call today and allow us to show you the difference.
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At Reliable Home Academy we’re all about education and giving back to our community.

With over 20 years of home maintenance and repair service experience, Reliable Home® has consolidated the knowledge we’ve gained in an attempt to help homeowners relieve the burdens of home maintenance and repairs. We keep it short and to the point providing answers to some of the most requested home maintenance and repair questions.



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Reliable Home is a combination of its founders’ two personal passions, helping people and home services. After a 20 year career in Emergency Medical Services most recently as a Paramedic, as well as renovating and repairing properties with his father since 1996, CEO and founder Curtis C. Oviatt has worked diligently to develop a revolutionary approach to the home service industry.

The journey began back in 2010 when Curtis was approached by a long-time client who over the years had called him regularly for home repair work. He asked Curtis to create a program to visit his home on a regular basis, consolidate his home services, streamline the regular preventative maintenance requirements and ensure regular timely handling of home repairs.
The company then began building on the business model by delivering trusted relationships with clients and growing memberships by word of mouth. By combining a trademarked Quarterly Preventative Maintenance Service with personable and knowledgeable staff, they are able to deliver on the company’s values each and every time. The membership model allows the ability to engage with clients and build those long-term relationships.

Driven by the Mission; ‘To Ensure All Homeowners Have Access to Knowledgeable, Trustworthy and Personable Home Services’, Reliable Home® happily welcomes members of any age, however, a strong focus remains on the gracefully aging clients. Those age 65 and older make up a majority of the current membership and receive a preferred price.

Core Values


• We make sure we intimately understand the client’s expectations and then we exceed them.
• We are kind, courteous, and professional in every aspect of our interactions with clients, partners, and each other.


• We are committed to doing jobs correctly, the first time.
• We are known for being safe, dependable, and accurate.


When we show up, we are present and focused on the client, putting all other parts of the day aside to focus on the job at hand.​

Maintenance Education


I became aware of Reliable Home Maintenance Solutions in June 2017. I was impressed by the array of services they provide and decided to test their effectiveness by becoming a client. I have been a satisfied customer ever since. My house is always very well maintained. In particular, I feel secure in the knowledge that I can call Reliable 24/7 if and when an urgent maintenance issue arrises; such as a broken pipe, etc. One advantage, that was not originally a priority of mine, is their fastidiousness regarding safety. This not only includes keeping smoke detectors current and tested along with changing batteries on a regular basis, but also recommending home safety items such as carbon monoxide detectors. In December of 2017, a Reliable staff member recommended I have a CO detector upstairs. I had one downstairs and he explained why I needed an additional one upstairs. I agreed and purchased one from him that day. Fortuitously, in October 2019, this very CO detector alarmed. Once the fire department and Atco had completed their investigation, the conclusion was that the upstairs gas fireplace had a blockage in the vent; (it turned out there was an abandoned bee hive in it). I immediately had the vent cleaned and now all is well. Had I not had the CO detector upstairs, as was recommended by the Reliable staff member, I likely would not have been aware of the leak and would have continued on as normal, possibly incurring CO poisoning. This is just one of the many advantages of having a competent company such as Reliable to maintain, repair, and recommend upgrades so as to have a safe, well-functioning, comfortable home. I would definitely recommend Reliable Home Maintenance Solutions to any home owner.

Chris Lewkowicz

Satisfied Client

Great company - just had my Spring Clean Up and it was very well done - did all they said they would. The were efficient and thorough.
John Allison
Satisfied Client
On time, reliable and fair pricing!
Alicia Potter
Satisfied Client
I’ve entrusted my property to Reliable home for several years and it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. They are problem solvers when it comes to taking care of my home and have removed a lot of stress from my life. Would recommend to anyone looking to take care of their home and make their life easier.
Edward B. Suarez
Satisfied Client

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